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Sunday, 6 November 2011


It was time to adapt / the ceiling peeling salted grains
making fists against / great walls / of all that is pretend. 
The house of Wendy / the room of the absurd / peeking out 
behind the falling lights

an understudy in fluorescent mask
glow in the dark, and fly by night / born to climb
the curtain rail / sweep proscenium.

The back seats fill / The extra spike 
in wooden floors / nails her

centre stage

and she becomes
a stigmatic; throwing arms wide 
to balance
but her ears believe / they’re on the sea. 
Her fingers stretch; the ceiling falls.

[tag word: DANCE - Sarah McCadden @smctweet]

 Poem Challenge: writing 100 poems in a weekend to raise money for EEC International. 

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