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Saturday, 5 November 2011


In my final year, it came to me.
Teachers hunted for the would-be plugs
trailing out of my skin and were baffled.

I slept in my own room so as not to wake
the other girls.

During prayers there were mutters
of excommunication. They saw my
glowing skin, whispered show-off bitch.

It made my cheeks burn brighter.

In communion, red wine was thrown
in attempts to stain me. Offers of clothes-washing
to turn me inside out.

At night I felt the moon pull.
I'd swing from ropes across the ceiling,
pace back and forth across the boards
tugging at my optic hair.

[tag word: ELECTRICITY - from Jo Menary @Tiz47]

100 Poem Challenge: writing 100 poems in a weekend to raise money for EEC International. 

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