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Saturday, 5 November 2011


In breaks between exercises Mrs. Taunton's boys
check beneath their shirts – make sure
their costumes are still there. Their young eyes wander
across the clock, twitching into star-jumps.

They think of hazy days when they will stand
atop the highest buildings.

In the shower they measure each other's shoulders.
Check them for wing growth
and for scales. They give mouth swabs
after dinner, like mothball chews.

Crouching with tooth picks in front of fires
they think of the women they will one day save.
Later, stretching jaws wide,
they take delight in confusing mirrors.
Flicking forked tongues, and hissing.

[tag word: EVOLUTION from Esteban Manchado @Estebanm]

100 Poem Challenge: writing 100 poems in a weekend to raise money for EEC International. 

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